10 Tips & Proven Methods To Become a Competitive Programmer.

10 Tips & Proven Methods To Become a Competitive Programmer.

In this guide, I will share with you an actionable guideline that can act as a flowchart for improving your programming skills.

1. Start with the Basics

  • Basics of programming are used everywhere, no matter the programming language you are using whether it is an object-oriented language or procedure-oriented language.
  • The first step you take towards being a programmer is to learn the basics.

2. Remind Yourself How Much You have to Learn

  • The first step in learning something is recognizing that you don’t know it.
  • That sounds obvious, but experienced programmers remember how long it took to overcome this personal assumption.

3. Stop Trying to Prove Yourself Right

  • To become a great one, you have to learn from experience. But careful, the experience can teach us to repeat poor behavior & to create bad habits.
  • To avoid that syndrome, look at everything you do & ask yourself,

“How can I make this better?”

4. Experiment with your Coding

  • If you want to be a good programmer then you should experiment with your programming.
  • The experiment is the biggest teacher if you really want to know how things work and how to be a person that knows what he/she doing with their life.

5. “The code works” isn’t where you stop; it’s where you start

  • Yes, your first step is always to write quality software that fulfills the spec.
  • Average programmers quit at that point and move on to the next thing.

But to stop once it’s “done” is like taking a snapshot and expecting it to be a work of art.

Great programmers know that the first iteration is just the first iteration. but you aren’t done.

Time to, make it better.

6. Write it Three Times (Important Tip)

  • First, you write the software to prove to yourself that the solution is possible. (aka POC)
  • The second time, you make it work.
  • The third time, you make it work right.

7. Read and Read:

A great saying is that “read widely and broadly”

people understand the power of reading as it gives you the knowledge that no school, college ever taught you.

When you read others’ code, you see how someone else solved a programming problem.

But don’t treat it as literature; think of it as a lesson and a challenge.

To get better, Ask a few questions to yourself

  • How would I have written that block of code
  • What did I learn
  • How would I improve this code?

8. Never Stop Learning and Searching

A programmer never satisfies or stops learning throughout his/her life and never the master or the programmer who knows everything because there are still things that you can learn and work on.

Start to search and learn in your free time.

9. Learn Techniques not Tools

Programming language comes and goes, that’s why you should learn as much as possible about the language, frameworks, coding structure, and how exactly they work and help till the new one replaces them.

because the basics never change!

10. Practice and Practice and Practice

A famous saying “Practice makes a man perfect”

the practice is the only thing that makes you a good programmer.

The things I mentioned above, only possible if you do practice again and again.

There is always something to learn.

11. Some Pro Tips

  • Under-promise and over-deliver
  • Delete unused code if any
  • Take care of work/life balance
  • Soft Skills Matters
  • Look for your niche
  • Debug skills
  • Take breaks
  • Don’t give up
  • Stay humble
  • Be supportive

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