How to Stay Motivated as a Developer

How to Stay Motivated as a Developer

Writing is like talking, if you are afraid of writing, you may end up being afraid of talking!

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Staying Motivated as a developer?

Do you ever wonder from where all these great developers got their motivation?

There would have been no physics if Isaac Newton was not triggered by his interest to discover the reason behind the falling apple. His motivation came from within which made him pull out all stops for effective results and success.

As a fresh Grad or Newbie, you may find it difficult to stay motivated for a long time while coding/learning.

With countless distractions, confusions, and everyday 9-5 work. your life in a company may be depressing finishing up tasks and submissions of pull requests for features. But fret not, you can stay motivated by organizing your work. Following a few hacks can help you get through these rough phases.

If you’re lacking the motivation to begin your task anyday, First of all, keep in your mind that you’re not alone facing this situation.

Motivation is a fuel that helps you move forward. Just make sure that you stay committed to your goals because that is what empowers you to work with vision and motivation. However, you might face many hurdles and challenges but don’t allow them to destroy your tasks.

Eliminate Distractions at all costs when you are working on any task in a day, even a 3-5 seconds distraction can completely ruin your concentration span.

These distractions are often because of gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and iPods. They can distract us leading to a poor understanding of concepts and coding.

In time, this can result in having bad code & eventually you need to refactor the same.

It is a fact; when your brain doesn’t work in the right state, everything ruins. That is why, to make your coding/learning to be effective, make sure to exclude distractions whether it is internal or external.

Use Deadline As a Motivational Tool:

Every software engineer (Developer)faces demotivation. It’s just the attention that makes you write your code flawlessly. No matter how hard you’ve tried coding your feature, you’ll lose control of your coding skills due to stress and lack of motivation.

When you would give deadlines to yourself, you get to complete work before or on time.

Often you may find difficulty in completing the work due to your busy schedule, distractions, or procrastination, but giving deadlines to yourself would save you from working on the eleventh hour.

It’s not easy to complete your tasks when you know that there’s much time to do it. So you must make sure to try setting a deadline for yourself to boost your productivity. This procedure doesn’t only help you stay motivated but also help you come up with the best ideas for your work.

Break Down the Coding Process:

When coding, you don’t need to work & sit 7–8 hours straight, you should take short breaks without any pressure and fear.

Break down the process of coding the features which you are trying to resolve.

You must ensure to set aside time for research, googling, mentoring, and refactoring.

Time management is the key, try to set a time before you break down the process of coding.

Breaking down the coding process streamlines your development schedule which makes you a productive developer and improves your code quality.

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