An Ultimate Roadmap to Learn JavaScript

An Ultimate Roadmap to Learn JavaScript

Roadmap to learn JavaScript

I tweet the below roadmap on Twitter a few months back & people give thumbs up to this tweet, so I thought to put this roadmap in this post.

Any code newbies can follow the below roadmap to learn JavaScript 👇

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • The JavaScript Glossary
  • JavaScript syntax
  • Lexical Structure
  • Expressions
  • Types
  • Variables
  • Math Operators
  • Functions
  • Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions IIFE
  • this
  • Arrow Functions
  • Loops
  • Loops and Scope
  • Arrays
  • Regular expressions
  • Template Literals
  • Semicolons
  • Strict Mode
  • JavaScript Dates
  • Math Object
  • Asynchronous programming and
  • Callbacks
  • JavaScript Timers
  • Promises
  • Async and Await
  • JavaScript Event Loop
  • Events
  • UI Events
  • Forms, controls
  • Document and resource loading

Advanced Topics 👇

  • Functional Programming in JS
  • Advanced Working With Functions
  • Closures
  • Regular Expressions
  • Unicode in JS
  • Storing data in the browser

Hope you like this one💙 Please share your feedback.

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