Everything you should know how to develop your mind as an Incredible Software Engineer

Everything you should know how to develop your mind as an Incredible Software Engineer

1. Incredible Software Engineers Know to manage their negative emotions.

Incredible Engineers Know to manage their negative emotions.
  • If someone is upsetting you, don’t jump to conclusions. Instead, allow yourself to look at the situation in a variety of ways.
  • Practice mindfulness at work, and notice how your perspective changes.

2. Incredible Engineers practice empathy.

  • Practice focusing on others and walking in their shoes, even if just for a moment.
  • Empathetic statements do not excuse unacceptable behavior, but they help remind you that everyone has their own issues.

3. Incredible Engineers Know their stressors.

Incredible Engineers Know their stressors
  • Take stock of what stresses you out & be proactive to have less of it in your life.
  • If you know that checking your work email before bed will send you into a tailspin, leave it for the morning.

4. Incredible Engineers bounce back from adversity.

  • Everyone encounters challenges. It’s how you react to these challenges that either sets you up for success or failure.
  • Having a high level of emotional intelligence will serve you well in your relationships in the workplace.

5. Incredible Engineers measure their progress.

  • One of my mentors taught me, “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.” Took me a long time to understand what that meant.
  • Regardless of which thing that you want to work on is, you have to find some way to measure your progress.

6. Incredible Engineers are self-motivated.

Incredible Engineers are self-motivated
  • small daily efforts multiply into weeks, months, & years of effort.
  • change takes time but does happen over the course of time.

When the times are not right, understand life is testing your levels of patience & perseverance.

7. Incredible Engineers develop their team members.

  • Help them troubleshoot and problem solve if they get stuck.
  • Coaching them when they hit a “crisis.”
  • Engage them in the quarterly strategic planning process.

This is not a rote formula. Every team member is different.

Some people need a supportive tone: 👇

E.g. “Ankur, it’s okay that you got pulled into handling a few crisis situations and didn’t get X done. What can I do to best support you in making sure you get this done before our next session?”

Did you notice the tone is warm, supportive, and friendly. 👆

8. Incredible Engineers stay honest.

This is the hardest part for people. It’s far easier to buy a book on self-development, carry it around, and say, “I’m working on being more present,” while staying constantly on your phone to text your friends about how you’re trying to be more present. You have to really be honest about it with yourself. You are your own judge.

9.Incredible Engineers create a reward system.

Incredible Engineers creates a reward system

This is necessary for people for all of us. Sometimes, it’s a reward for small wins that makes the difference between immediate and rapid change, and ongoing fleeting promises.

10. Incredible Engineers continually grow in their profession.

Incredible Engineers continually grow in their profession
  • New ideas and research that can enhance your day-to-day learning become strong yearly.
  • Keeping up with the latest information through online forums, meetups can make you a better developer.
  • Including new ideas and learning methods can make a huge difference.

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