Everything I learned & achieved by sharing content online!

Everything I learned & achieved by sharing content online


Everything I learned & achieved since helping devs by sharing content online!

  • Talk to 30+ startup CEOs.
  • Found a new Job & moved to Sweden.
  • $10,000+ of side income as a creator.
  • Helped 100+ devs by 1-1 mentorship.
  • Made 2 best friends.
  • Launched 2 products.

A quick introduction

Hey! I’m Ankur.

An enthusiastic software engineer.

I develop/test web applications, mentor developers & create content.

  • I work as a consultant developer.
  • I wrote an eBook.
  • I help code newbies to become a better developers.

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Let’s face it, being a software engineer is not easy, especially during your struggling days.

One of the biggest problems that self-taught developers face at the beginning of their careers is guidance.

  • They don’t know exactly how to ask questions
  • Whom to ask.

All This started back in 2020 when I started helping people in a 12 weeks coding program wetesterr

  • We took 10 students in the 1st batch & without any fees.
  • 8 students stay with us for 12 weeks.
  • 3 out of them grab an almost 100% hike on their current CTC.
  • We were happy.

We managed to help around 200+ people with various tech & career-related issues. I was happy but nothing comes easy in life.

One of our mentors (a good friend) questioned my credibility & which was a real shock to me.

We don’t talk anymore!

I get the sense with regular 9-5, managing another full-time program is not a cakewalk.

I met Ravin & Ravin changed everything.

Ravin asked me why not you share your journey on Twitter.

I was a bit unsure but Ravin convinced me somehow.

I started back in Aug 2020.

My career stories eventually helped many code newbies

  • Replied to my 9/10 DMs, I usually replied to DMs, emails over the weekend.
  • Started 2-1-1 developer growth newsletter.
  • Pair programming with mentees.
  • Interview with @FrancescoCiull4

Interview link – Growing as a Software Engineer with 1-1 Mentorship – Ankur Tyagi

That year I wrote a book ” The Prime Guide ” 👇

It summarizes what I learned while being a software developer. you will not get an overnight upgrade.

Growing takes time, effort, dedication, & discipline, as well as reframing into a growth mindset.


In March 2021, a typical day, I just casually asked Akshat to refer me to his company in Sweden.

As we both worked together in my startup so he knows what I can bring on to the table. He referred me & things went well.

Read the full story here: How I Get a Job as a Software Engineer in Sweden.

The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.” — Keith

My Golden Rule of Networking is simple: Don’t keep the score

Networking is not about just connecting people.

It’s about connecting:

  • people with people,
  • people with ideas,
  • people with opportunities

If you like shortcuts, this is for you.

Find a mentor, the better will you get.

A good mentor helps challenge your own ways of thinking, The thing is, a good mentor is hard to come by.

Read in more details: How to Grow as a Software Engineer (Developer) in 2021

All my learnings

  1. Online world !== Offline world
  2. No one is your friend here, never be emotional.
  3. Content creation is a pure business.
  4. Don’t try to be a generalist here.
  5. Make your moves sent that DM/cold email
  6. Twitter groups plays important role in backstages.
  7. Not all CEOs are as good as they look in a Twitter profile
  8. Some are real-time superheroes Raising hands
  9. FOMO is real
  10. Play a long-term game with long-term people.
  11. Not every trend is worth watching
  12. Gumroad is the best & fast to start selling your products.
  13. Twitter spaces are a good stage if you leveraged them.
  14. Not every mentor is having a good heart along with skills, mentorship is more about listening instead of throwing GYAAN.
  15. People will backstep you no matter what you do.

I explore through my work & sharing my career stories about tech, growth, & building a better career as a developer.

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