A Developer's Guide to Blogging

A Developer's Guide to Blogging
make extra money developer blogging

A Comprehensive Guide to Earning Extra Income through Blogging.

If you had asked me if I would ever make money from my blogging, I would have said no. I lack any special talent, gift, or even a writer to mentor me.

I’ve made more than $50,000 from writing in the last 2 years.

If I can make money from writing, you can too.

This is not your typical reference book. Instead, I’d like to show you that you can write a good technical blog and earn money with just a little bit of knowledge. I only cover topics of which I have firsthand knowledge. The majority of the information I provide here is irrelevant to those who believe in magic.

The Prime Guide: for Next-Gen Developers

The book is everything you need in a typical career path of a software engineer or developer, from starting at a company as a fresher or new grad to a senior software engineer.

It summarises what I learned while being a software developer and how I mentored software engineers/developers at different stages in their careers over the last couple of years. 

About the Author

ankur tyagi

I help people how to grow as a software developer and how to make an impact in tech.

I’m here to help in your tech journey and make that as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or intermediate or senior developer Or you’re looking to jump-start a new career, I’m here to help.

I’ve worked at companies such as Accenture, Globant, and Barclays Investment Bank.

As a developer, I went from a fresher to an individual contributor & many senior and lead positions in my career. I worked across the stack but I love to code in JavaScript.

As a senior, I mentored many developers, test automation developers with different experience levels and backgrounds.

I helped them to grow further, become more successful, and get promoted to the next level in their career.

I love to mentor and help people grow, this is one of the things that gave me the most happiness.

Every developer needs a good mentor to grow.

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