Async work is the future for all developers!

Async work is the future for all developers!

I’m sure some of you have announcements from your companies to reopen offices—and many company employees not reacting well to the announcements, because it’s not easy.

Because async work is the work that’s most compatible with the life of a developer as it’s life-first work.

So, why are some top leaders pushing back, ordering employees back to the office?

  • Because they don’t realize is that the pre-Covid workplace no longer exists.
  • Because leaders haven’t been listening closely enough to their people.

Technology allows us to work from wherever we want.

You can log on to computers from a home office or coffee shop anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet.

Although remote work offers advantages, few still argue that nothing can replace working together face two face.

As many businesses utilizing a virtual workforce in some capacity, the opportunities for new graduates to obtain a remote job are becoming increasingly common.

And current workforce also wants the freedom to work remotely, the freedom to work on their own schedules.

If this doesn’t sound like a reason to listen to employees, I don’t know what is.

  • The time to listen to and involve employees in shaping the future of work is now.
  • I believe that the future of work is remote.

Why are we seeing such a rise in remote work?

  • Technology makes remote work possible
  • Better communication technology is obviously one of the main drivers of the rise of remote work.
  • Remote work is more than just a future goal.
  • Google Docs/ Office Online
  • Microsoft Teams/Slack/Discord/Zoom/Meet
  • Dropbox
  • GitHub
  • World Time Buddy
  • Trello/Nifty/Freshconnect
  • Mailbird/Outlook/Zoho

Remote teams are often happier, healthier, & more productive.

Because of the need for deliberate communication, these teams are often more in sync than those that work in a traditional office.

  • Remote has become a competitive advantage.
  • Remote work is no longer an alternative.

One of the biggest reasons why remote work has become so attractive is because the high costs of living in tech hubs result in long commutes, which results in diminished work-life balance.

When a team works asynchronously, no assumptions are made about the team’s availability.

You know your teammates work in timezone X for Y hours per day, but no one is expected to be at their desk between 9 am and 5 pm.

  • You workout when it most fits you.
  • You wake up at an unusual time, start early, and take the afternoon off.

So, what new skills you should focus on to participate in virtual teams?

Surprisingly, my answer does not relate to technology.

  • Communication
  • Trustworthiness
  • Discipline
  • Initiative
  • Flexibility
  • Self-Direction

You need to be involved in the virtual workforce.

Thanks for reading.

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