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Hey! I'm Ankur Tyagi

Welcome to my digital playground.

A software engineer, writer, and storyteller.

I write about engineering, startups, and career advice for software engineers and founders on ByteSizedBets, and am working as a consultant based in Sweden. I also help devtools startups as a technical writing partner (devrel, advocacy, docs, technical blogging) and when I’m not coding or writing, you’ll find me on Twitter, where I share my thoughts on software development, writing, blogging and smallbets on the internet.

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Over 100K+ developers visit my blogs across multiple platforms like Hashnode, DevTo, HackerNoonand Medium monthly to read my posts and discover fresh ideas for software engineers. This site is well-known in the tech community, and the content is free for everybody.

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My Books

A Developer's Guide to Blogging

A Developer's Guide to Blogging

A Comprehensive Guide to Earning Extra Income through Blogging.

The Prime Guide: for Next-Gen Developers

Creating a Career Development Roadmap

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