7 Powerful hacks for skyrocketing your career in 2022.

Spoiler: you don’t need to be a high performer when applying these strategies.

1. Stop Doing What You’re Told

“Nobody will believe in you if you don’t.”

Instead of doubting yourself, think positively.

Not only will you be happier and more successful, but you will spread it to everyone around you.

“If you don’t act, growth will stay away from you.”

2. Stop filling your mind with garbage

“Garbage in garbage out,” they say.

The quality of your mind is determined by what you think about. Your thoughts become the color of your soul.

  • You must feed your brain a nutritious diet.
  • You have control over what influences you.

3. Stop trying to do it all alone

“Doing everything yourself causes burnout.”

Join the community.

It makes no difference how you win as long as you do.

By seeking assistance, you can balance your weaknesses with the strengths of others.

4. Never fake, always be genuinely You:

“Fake it until you make it.” === Bullshit advice

Faking makes everyone uncomfortable.

“You should know what you know & what you need to know.”

5. Create a game plan for career growth

“When you have a plan, your chance of achieving success is 80% higher.”

  • Start with what you want
  • Seek feedback from people about what you’re naturally good at
  • Time to build SMART goals
  • Resources needed to achieve it
  • Set timeline

6. Say “NO.”

Most powerful two words if you want to see growth.

  • “No” is understanding your priorities & living by them.
  • Be crystal clear while saying NO

Saying no is hard for many people.

It’s just two letters, and yet saying no can feel really hard even complicated.

7. Stop deciding what will happen:

Only from within — from our own perceptions — does disturbance arise.

  • Forget about fear
  • Set a time limit on your research & take action
  • Start making little progress every day
  • More thinking is not always good thinking
  • Trust gut feel.

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