22 Software Engineering Lessons for New Developers in Tech

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Here are the top 22 most important life lessons I’ve learned in my career.

  1. No one doesn’t really care about you.
  2. Nobody is your friend.
  3. Find a healthy competitor, not a friend, so that you can grow.
  4. Learn to say no, maximum fail here.
  5. Build your knowledge, companies will follow you.

  1. 80% of people just work for promotions.
  2. Don’t be that person in a team, who is always available.
  3. Learn to leave the meeting if you are not contributing.
  4. Don’t check & reply to emails in the first 1 hour of your day.
  5. If it’s really urgent, a person will call you.

  1. Don’t believe in a verbal promise (99.99- FALSE).
  2. Take everything in writing.
  3. Ask for feedback if you are not getting it.
  4. Set up 1-1 with your boss, don’t wait for him.
  5. Ask questions, no question is stupid.
  6. Discuss in year-end review fairly.

  1. Don’t accept any change before the release date in prod.
  2. You made a big change & raised PR everything looks good but only a few team members know about this, bad move, and in such cases communicate effectively to all team members, and they will respect you more.
  3. Few leaders actually save you in appraisals discussion.
  4. Appraisals are never fair, it’s fact, so don’t work for it.
  5. Don’t forget, you have a life outside the office.
  6. Elevator pitch, learn this skill.

That’s it for today, Hope this helps you.

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