12 Common JavaScript Questions I Used to Ask in Interview

12 Common JavaScript Questions I Used to Ask in Interview

These questions have left even experienced developers stumped.

Here are 12 questions about JavaScript that have left many developers stumped – even experienced JavaScript coders.

  1. What is prototypical inheritance and how useful is it?
  2. How can JavaScript be used to improve accessibility on the web?
  3. What is event bubbling and how is it different to event capturing?
  4. How does event delegation improve code on sites with lots of interactive elements?
  5. What are closures and how can they be useful in organizing code?
  6. What does ‘use strict’ mean at the top of a block of code?
  7. What does the term ‘hoisting’ mean in reference to JavaScript?
  8. What is the difference between an arrow function and a regular function?
  9. Where should you use the ‘let’ and ‘const’ keywords instead of ‘var’?
  10. What is functional programming and how is it different?
  11. How can you use JS to improve the performance of the website?
  12. How can you future-proof your JavaScript code?

Practice makes you perfect.

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