Hey! I’m Ankur Tyagi

A software engineer, writer, and mentor from Sweden.

As a seasoned developer with expertise in JavaScript, TypeScript, and React, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project I work on.

As a writer, I have helped numerous startups improve their communication with customers by creating easy-to-understand documentation and integrations.

Additionally, I have mentored hundreds of individuals in the past, sharing my knowledge and expertise to help them unlock their potential and succeed in the tech industry.

When I’m not coding or writing, you’ll find me on Twitter, where I share my thoughts on software development, writing and blogging.

ankur tyagi

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I write about programming, mindset, and career.

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How My Work will Benefit You

I explore through my work, “How can I help people to live better?”

I explore great ideas and make them actionable.

  • How to become a better developer
  • How to add good choices in life & subtract bad choices
  • How to accomplish a fit body with the help of science
  • How to win people & make good professional relationships
  • How to achieve awesome results in your next tech interview
  • How to effectively utilize your time (Time is allocation first money later)

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Ankur Tyagi

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